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I and the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamileelam (PLOT)

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In a time when the struggle for a separate Ealam State has been defeated, it is necessary to find out the real reasons why the effort failed. Comrade Seelan’s toil to unearth the truth armed with historic facts that are further sharpened by his own first hand experiences is a timely endeavor and a very useful one. The struggle ended a failure mainly because it was not upheld purely for the fulfillment of the need of the Tamil people. Instead, it was carried out to serve hidden agendas of the imperialists and it was conducted with the help of the imperialists. In essence it never was an honest struggle.

Seelan was among the Lankan Tamil youths who rose against a racist government, driven by emotional surge that was ignited by the carnage unleashed on the Tamils on the Black July of 1983. He joined Uma Maheswaran’s PLOT and went to India for combat training.

In fact, the atmosphere of the training camps in India where Lankan Tamil youths of various freedom movements were trained was not that of a freedom fighters’ encampment of the truest sense. Rather, those places looked like places where thugs and assassins are trained by another bunch of hired executioners and mercenaries. There was no fair play or mutual understanding in those camps. Not only were that personal from the Indian Intelligence roamed the places around the clock with distrustful glares, virtually those camps were under their control.

Those who were there really for the salvation of the Tamil people stood against the anomalies in the camp. Comrade Thangaraja who was a JVP member previously was one of the first persons who raised his voice against PLOT heads in the camp. As a result he was subjected to torture that reached unspeakable and inhuman heights. Comrade Seelan too rose against them and was physically tormented until he went to the brink of death and returned.

Weathered by his past experience and fortified with the knowledge he absorbed through Marxist literature as well as by his political activities in various aspects, Seelan has presently reached the resolve that a revolutionary people’s movement is needed to ensure the freedom of the people. And Comrade Seelan is selflessly working to establish such a party which he does with devotion.

Annihilation of JVP and the LTTE are irrefutable examples for the fact that if a rebel movement is not honest in its proclamations and if it does not have a proper leadership, a shrewd government would ultimately devour it and make the members of that movement betray and forsake their people. Such a government would even make them become cronies of the government when it throws some ministerial posts and privileges at those so called freedom fighters.

Seelan in his present endeavor has chosen a democratic path that stays close to the masses. In the meantime, the so called wound licking terror movements are asserting with their deceitful propagations that the terror path they chose is the correct one. Seelan courageously toils to expound their deceit and that they are not honest in their proclamations.

Comrade Nesan, who had been the head of the Jaffna District of the PLOT, has written a series of articles exposing the hired executioner attitude prevailed among the Indians as well as the Tamil rebels heads in the Indian camps. Also Comrade Rayaharan too has written his horrendous experience of chambers of torture by LTTE  while he was kidnapped by LTTE 2nd leader Gopalaswamy Mahendraraja ("Mathaiya"). Comrades Nesan and Rayaharan have entitled their collection respectively ‘From PLOT to Theeppori’ and ‘I am in the LTTE torture cells’. We are making steps to translate these articles also into Sinhala in the near future.

Let us move forward the history of experience!



I and the PLOT Part One

There were a total of 34 movement engaged in the struggle for freedom and the total number of members in those movement too was staggering. In the meantime, there was no shortage for unpleasant memories for most of those members within their respective movements. How many of those could voice their discontentment over the way their leaders handled activities in their movements? Almost none had the guts to come out and voice their criticisms.

Gradually, many are now have started to pour out their suppressed fury. In fact, it is a welcome propensity, even at this later stage.

During those days, a considerable number of activists attached to the freedom movements left them as they became frustrated by the supercilious and unholy ways of their respective leaders and due to the disagreements erupted within their movements. Many LTTE members too left the movement roughly for same reasons. Many of the ex LTTE members now prefer to pretend that did not have anything to with the LTTE. Some are engaged in less explosive activities of freedom fight such as publishing magazines, newsletter etc using the print media while some are employing more sophisticated technologies and publishing their views in the web. There are few veterans who are engaged in this kind of literary warfare since as early as 80s. This should be discussed in a separate article. However, these efforts lack variety and they all seem similar and uninspiring if not dull. Meanwhile, many have turned off their guns and disappeared into oblivion or they have lost their identities by mingling with some political parties operative in Europe and India such as Tamil Ealam Party, Patriots Party etc.

However, all those ex activists failed in one aspect; the did not show any inclination to reassess our struggle from Mulliwikkal. In stead, they are starting a wholly new voyage. But, I am afraid that new movements spraining out claiming to liberate the Tamil people too would end up outfits that act arrogantly like the earlier ones running their movements with Mafia like leaderships. I have started to pen my bitter experiences with the organization I had joined to make my contribution in the past, because I do not want such kind of movements to emerge once again.

Now I recall how those leaders of PLOT of which I too was a member, claimed to uphold ideals of Marx but acted with a hostile attitude towards their own people and how badly they treated the youngsters who came to sacrifice their lives for the cause.  I also hope to reveal about the internal assassinations within the PLOT and the names of the persons who were responsible for them and also about the persons and movements who shamelessly proceeded to save their own skins by forfeiting Uma Maheshwaran.

I do not say that Uma Maheshwaran did not have blood in his hands. Also. he is responsible for the countless wrongdoings in the PLOT as the leader of the movement. But what I trying to say is that many other appalling things too were happening within the movement without the knowledge of Uma. I am writing this account to expose some persons who were the culprits in those crimes and who are now trying to portray them as refined and sinless persons claiming they have revolutionary and people-friendly ideals. Those persons are now starting their activities with a novel façade and without any confession for their past misdeeds and without any self-assessment. But I am sceptic about the bona fides of their intentions.  Therefore, I think people should be vigilant about these persons and their so called movements. I also would like to discuss on how an activity should be started for the people taking inspiration from my past experiences.

Comrade Kesavan too has written a book entitled Puthiyadhor Ulaham. In this book is published by a freedom movement called Theeppori. This book, among other issues, reveals his bitter experience with the PLOT. But I hope to discuss few additional matters that Kesavan has not mentioned in his account. I also would be discussing the Theeppori itself  as well. This is a movement established by the members drifted away from the PLOT. These members who are responsible for many misdeeds during their days in the PLOT now attempt to maintain that they do not have anything to do with those misdeeds. Thus, my account would discuss about the matters that really took place and about the persons who tried to save their skins by fingering yet other colleagues of the PLOT.

Especially, there was an internal clash that was ignited in a camp in India before some members left PLOT who later founded Theeppori. There is no mention about this clash in the book and I plan to reveal about some persons who acted in a purely shellfish manner.


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